CS 108 Digital Game Prototype – Post #4

Lamp Race Background - Start Screen

Game: Lumire

Role: Producer and Artist

exe. file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzZcqgvn_9xPRTZKRkVwVVkzZjQ/edit?usp=sharing

My name is Joel and I acted as the producer and artist while working with Julian Zabala to create our digital game, Lumire. It is a simple platformer in which the player must ascend up a series of platforms to reach the top of the level.

As the artist, I wanted Lumire, also the name of game’s playable lamp, to feel chaotic and almost psychedelic. While Julian and I were in the process of creating the game, we both thought it would be the perfect game for someone to play who wants to experience a game that emulates “tripping out.” The crazy color scheme and food in the background, in addition to the rainbow platforms give Lumire a feeling of craziness as well as a comedic undertone.

A lot of the art was done in photoshop by applying filters and such to images I drew up on a free online photo editor. I used the same online program to create the game’s sprites as well. The background was also created in the same photo editor, which was then altered in Photoshop to create the start screen and the tutorial level’s background.

Lamp Race Background - Hot Dog and Cupcake
My main question for anybody who has played this game is: what should be added to make the game for challenging? As it stands, there isn’t really anything that obstructs the player from jumping up to the next platform. If we continued developing this game, each level would naturally become more and more difficult with the same goal pertaining to each stage – make it to the top to progress. Still, it feels as though it is lacking an additional element. What should that element be?

While playtesting our game we ran into a few bugs in which Lumire would get stuck to the underside of certain platforms. If anybody else finds anything, please be sure to inform us.

-Ocarina of Time Nerd


About Joel

Live, love, play video games.
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