CS 108 Playtesting Five Different Games – Post #3

A few weeks back, Kevin and myself played a variety of different games on our computers, each of which had something unique in terms of overall gameplay.

Game #1 – Super Puzzle Platformer
 This quirky little game was an absolute gem to play, as its Tetris elements ended up blending quite well with mechanics from a typical platformer. Shooting projectiles to further increase the score works quite well and makes for a great bit of fun.

Game #2 – You Have to Burn the Rope
 I loved this game! Why? Because it’s so damn simple. It’s brilliant. The tutorial lasts all of 10 seconds before the game thrusts into the lair of the game’s one and only boss. Your objective? Burn the rope holding up a chandelier, killing the boss in the process. Hilariously short and awesome. Plus, the credits song kicks ass!

Game #3 – QWOP
 I’ve played this game before, but it really never gets old. Always a challenge, QWOP begs gamers to question their sanity, rendering them mentally unstable in the process. Try as you might, I’m convinced that no one will ever truly make QWOP’s runner move in a fluid motion.

Game #4 – Oregon Trail
 This game, despite its rather lethargic outward appearance, is actually packed full of different management systems and repercussions based on choices made in the game. Control wise, it’s nothing spectacular, but I did end up enjoying the ability to go hunting, elongating the time allotted to my “team” of individuals bent on surviving the harsh wilderness.

Game #5 – Aegis Wing
 Not to be confused with the actual XBLA game, the particular brand of Aegis I played was a dating simulator, but not in the typical sense. Rather than allow players to feel in control of almost every answer and decision, Aegis Wing often took me by the hand and lead me through the dark and passionate story of an individual tormented by love. Choices I made were never actually take into consideration. In fact, the one big choice the simulator actually allowed me to make ended up not mattering at all. Can you say “Mass Effect 3” anyone?

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