CS 108 Class Intro (Post #0) My Relationship With Video Games

So, I’m taking a video game studies class this semester, which means a variety of my posts over the next four or five months will deal with content related to the class. Posts pertaining to the class will be added to the “CS 108 Blog Posts” category. Feel free to follow along as I dive into the world of game development!

Anyway, as for my first post, I would consider video games both a hobby and a passion of mine. I absolutely love the creative elements and the stories within video games, but narratives alone do not fuel my enjoyment alone. In fact, I love multiplayer based games that inspire competition and quick thinking. I have just as much fun playing online with friends as I do playing through a well though out narrative. Personally, I’m the type of gamer who enjoys a wide variety of genres and play styles. From NES to Xbox One, I love all types of games.

I also enjoy staying updated with the latest video game news. I write over at GenGAME.net, where myself and a team of other individuals post the latest gaming news, along with our thoughts on various elements of the industry. It is my goal to stay involved in the field of video games as I graduate, hopefully landing a job in the field of journalism or PR.

-Ocarina of Time Nerd

About Joel

Live, love, play video games.
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