Let’s Play ‘Pokémon Y’ Episode 4 – Capturing Yveltal

Finally, I’ve reached the point in the game where I’m able to capture Yveltal, the legendary Pokémon in Y!  Watch as I battle, catch, and use Yveltal in episode 4 of Ocarina of Time Nerd plays Pokémon Y!

-Ocarina of Time Nerd

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2 Responses to Let’s Play ‘Pokémon Y’ Episode 4 – Capturing Yveltal

  1. Vitosal says:

    man they’ve greatly improved this franchise. I’m very impressed with everything, from that little cut scene, to the immersion, e.g. seeing you throw the pokeball unlike the other games. All though this is the first pokemon game I’ve seen in a while. I also love the fact that they’ve kept the inventory nearly the same. I saw the pokedex and the fact that there are still the different pokeballs are awesome.

    Haha, “Gaping mouth, that’s pretty sexual Nintendo,..” priceless

    What were you using to record by the way?
    Awesome video!

    • A lot has changed in the world of Pokémon. There’s no doubt about that. They’ve created such a beautiful and enthralling world with these new games that immerses you into the world of a trainer. Sounds cheesy, but I love it! The inventory is sooooooo much better in these games. I felt so limited in the earlier games by what could be carried due to limitations, but now I could pretty much carry the entire smithsonian museum in my pack if I wanted to! lol

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