Video Games Make The World Go ‘Round

From Super Mario Bros 3 all the way to Bioshock Infinite, I’ve played a wide variety of games in a multitude of genres and throughout the years I’ve found it very easy to make connections with people who share a similar interest in the games I’ve grown fond of over the years.  Yet, many of these connections have been with people I’ve met in real time (i.e. in person).  Until recently, my scope of the world and video games had been limited to my current place of residence.  But now I realize that video games, specifically ones you play online, bring people together from across thousands of miles.  Video games make the world go ’round.

I have no specific aim in writing this piece, rather I would simply like to express my sense of amazement regarding how far video games have come from a social standpoint.  The industry has grown from a niche market with a hardcore devoted fan base to a worldwide industry that bridges social, cultural, and geographical chasms.  Video games are no longer solely forms of entertainment to be enjoyed individually or with a small group of people.  They are social catalysts that enable us to meet people from around the world.  This is extremely important because these are people, for the most part, who share a love of video games very much similar to yours and mine.  The basis for what I’m saying has clearly been outlined by the age of the internet, but online video games have a special place within the web itself.  It is easy to find others who share similar interests on the internet, but video games directly fuse our hobby/passion with a community that retains similar values and ways of thinking.

I’ve experienced this firsthand and there really is something special about playing video games with people from around the world.  It is a social platform that connects gamers to one another despite differences in taste and lifestyle.  It is a living, breathing community with millions of different individuals all under the umbrella of creativity within the realm of virtual worlds.  The idea of playing games online with one another, regardless of how simple it sounds, is a conduit for learning more about the world around us and the people who share a passion for playing video games.

Throughout the past few weeks I have found myself in Xbox Live parties with people from Britain, Scotland, Belgium, Lebanon, Canada, and Washington.  I used to be a very shy person, so I probably never would have found myself talking with people from around the world a few years a go, but as a person who has learned to appreciate life and the people we come into contact with, I can personally say that I have learned so much more about people and the world around us simply by playing video games.

So, if you are a person who plays games online I urge you to stretch yourself to new heights.  Meet people you’ve never met.  Play video games and enjoy the company of people who share the same love for video games you do because ultimately, video games make the world go ’round.

-Ocarina of Time Nerd

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Live, love, play video games.
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