The Flaw With Xbox Live’s Most Recent Update (8/26/13)

So, I woke up this morning and decided to hop on my Xbox for a bit as I normally do, but I was surprised to see a fairly large Xbox Live update was required.  I had expected we’d be seeing one soon enough considering Microsoft has been talking about converting Microsoft points into local currency, but there’s something that concerns me about this new system.  I decided to test out this new currency system by running through a transaction, but it seems as though there is a loophole in Microsoft’s new policy.

According to Microsoft, your unused Microsoft points and any other points that are redeemed on your account will now be automatically converted into your local currency at an equal or slightly higher price.  Sounds awesome, right?  I though so too until I tried to test out a transaction using my newly converted points.  I  queued up the Borderlands 2 Season Pass and in doing so a message from Microsoft popped up informing me that my 100 Microsoft points had been converted to $1.50.  I had no problem with that, but when I tried to apply that money to my transaction it would not let me.  The only option I was given was to use the credit card I currently have on file.  When I went into the payment options I did see that one of the choices is to pay using converted credit, but that option was dimmed out, which means I would be forced to pay using only my credit card.  That’s just lame.

Update: This could just be an early glitch with the new update because I have a friend who was able to use credit and then pay the difference with his paypal account.  Maybe Microsoft just hates me…anyway, let me know if you were able to use credit and then pay the remaining balance with another form of payment.

For many Xbox Live members the prior information should be concerning because, if this scenario is true for all Xbox Live purchases, it forces members to pay full price for anything above their current Microsoft credit.  In lieu of the new update this doesn’t make sense.  If all Microsoft points are now equal to local currency, why can’t we apply that credit first before we pay with our credit cards?  It feels very limiting considering Microsoft points technically don’t exist anymore.  I could be totally off on all of this, but this does seem like a loophole in the new update.

What do you think?  Are you able to use your credit before using your credit card?

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-Ocarina of Time Nerd

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3 Responses to The Flaw With Xbox Live’s Most Recent Update (8/26/13)

  1. Fallyn says:

    It might have just been a glitch with the new system for you, I was curious too and was able to use my credit without any issues getting some Halo 4 DLC I missed and it took my credit without any issue. I would say give it a day at best before things get ironed out, it’s like anything else, a new “mechanic” for lack of a better word, always brings it’s own problems that aren’t always anticipated….granted though this one probably should have been seen before hand.

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