First Thoughts on Dishonored’s upcoming “The Knife of Dunwall” DLC

DLC launches on April 16th for Xbox 360 and PC and April 17th for PS3. Who’s excited?!

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1 Response to First Thoughts on Dishonored’s upcoming “The Knife of Dunwall” DLC

  1. wnxwind says:

    hey man, I saw you dug my steam thoery post- I did a livestream midnight release of knife of dunwall; as I always do for new titles (full play thru’s, did Knife of dunwall in 2 very long sessions) – If you wouldn’t mind adding it to related articles Id love for more people to see the archive on youtube; – some of my gameplay videos from twitch are SUPER popular; others don’t get many views… my Company of heroes 2 beta video hit 2K in less than half a day, and my FF7 PC HD Re-Release No Death Ruleset that started on launch last august has a steady 500+ viewers that tune in the days I play (3-8 hour sessions! I give out prizes (games, PC hardware, TV’s etc) to helpful chatters in the live-stream, for FF7 it’s the absolute best community for streaming – they all talk to eachother about whats ahead and what secrets are near – as I cannot use a walkthrough in any of my “No Death Rule-set” plays of games; the community aids as they can help me out by telling tips or secrets – I ended up getting 2 of the most important disc 1 Enemy Skills (and most important overall) that I never knew the location of; nor the strategy to use them (First played it in 1997; played it three more times but never past 2001 – so it’s been ages.)

    For Knife of Dunwall – I absolutely loved it; and a game like dishonored fits perfectly with my style of gameplay “Live Video/Audio” shout cast / narration – as I am a wise-cracker and ball buster – Although as a warning before i post the link to the archived stream; I don’t notice it as much – but man… when I game and stream I swear more in 20 minutes than in most Hollywood movies released every year combined… so thats my warning hahaha I HOPE!! that you dig this man,

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