Star Wars Battlefront: So Much Nostalgia

Logo of Star Wars Battlefront.

Within the last week both my brother and one of his friends have been playing Star Wars Battlefront II and it made me realize how much I love both games from the series.  The concept behind both games is simple: battle hundreds of enemies while capturing command points.  Whoever captures all of the command points first or kills all of the other enemies is the victor.  I’m not going to go terribly in-depth into these games, but I’ll still talk about some of the things that made the Battlefront series incredibly fun to play.

A command post as seen in Star Wars: Battlefro...

Since the onslaught of Xbox Live games like Battlefront have taken somewhat of a tumble into the bargain bins of most game stores, mainly due to their age, but also because people want to play with other people online.  Admittedly, Battlefront players can still play online via PC, but to the best of my knowledge the forum for online play is slim.  Regardless, none of this affects the quality of gameplay found in the Battlefront series.  At the peak of its existence Battlefront was as good as it gets.  Looking back, Battlefront was probably one of the

In Battlefront II players can battle in space ...

most fun games to play with friends.  As a Star Wars fan I loved how immersive the levels and the characters felt.  Both games allowed you to live out your fictional fantasies in a world strangely familiar to most Star Wars fans.  It was the perfect mix of objective based play and class based warfare (not to get political or anything like that).  In essence, it was the beginning of what we now see in most online game franchises like Call of Duty and Halo.  In Battlefront you were given the option to choose between different classes of characters and if you got enough kills you got rewarded via a Hero player (Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul, Han Solo, etc.) who helps turn the tide of the battle.  It’s rather funny, but Battlefront actually resembles COD in a variety of ways.  Either way, Battlefront was and still is incredibly fun to play.

Players have the ability to customize the appe...

I feel as though the current generation of online gameplay has somewhat soured the advancements of previous games like Battlefront.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love playing Halo and other games online with friends, but there are times where it’s so much more fun to be in the same room as the people I’m playing a game with.  There’s something about going toe-to-toe with someone who’s sitting right beside you.  Unfortunately, that era of first-person-shooter games has outstayed its welcome and now we’re left with an era of online games.  Like I said earlier, both Battlefront games are brilliant games (along with many other Star Wars games) that shouldn’t be forgotten simply because you can’t play them online.  If you ever come across either of these games I highly encourage you to buy it and play it with someone.  You won’t be disappointed.

-Ocarina of Time Nerd


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3 Responses to Star Wars Battlefront: So Much Nostalgia

  1. Fallyn says:

    I couldn’t tell you how many hours I spent on both of those games, I still have them actually, they are just too good to get rid of, and I’m with you, I miss the days of having a buddy sitting next to me as I aim a blaster rifle and blow him through a wall, now it’s so impersonal, and unless you have friends already on Xbox or PSN, it can get kind of lonely at times, I miss the good old days but like you said, that era is long in the dust and I doubt it will be coming back unless players want it to come back and make their opinions known loud enough.

    • Joel Palermo says:

      It is SOOOO much fun! I’m so thankful my brother kept those games because they truly are one of a kind. It’s sad that the game industry has moved online, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget it altogether! Let’s keep it alive!

  2. fun pics says:

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