Games To Look Out For: Dishonored

Imagine for a second that you are an assassin with supernatural powers and a myriad of ways to kill people.  On top of that, you are the ex-bodyguard of an Empress who has been framed for her murder.  Sounds awesome right?  Well, you can make your dreams a reality in Bethesda‘s new game, Dishonored.  Released a few days a go on October 9th, you play as Corvo Attano, an extremely well trained assassin and the main character of this exhilarating new game.  Dishonored is sure to makes waves in the video game industry in upcoming weeks.  For more details on the backstory visit Dishonored’s website.

I hadn’t heard anything about this game up until the day of its release, which baffles me because, from what I’ve seen, Dishonored’s gameplay looks fantastic.  I suppose I just wasn’t paying attention to all the hype this game has managed to create, but nonetheless it easily makes my list of games to play in the near future.

What gets me so excited about this game is its ability to mold to the player.  You are able to decide how to play through the game, whether it be aggressively or passively, and your decisions affect the progression of the story.  Not only that, but there are hundreds of different ways to attack obstacles within the parameters of your characters objective and each strategy ties in to how you play through the game.  The creators of the game have even declared that it is entirely possible to play through the game without killing a single person.  Sounds like the true definition of stealth if you ask me.

This all sounds great, right?  Well, let’s take a look at the abilities in the game that make this all possible.

Supernatural Abilities

  • Blink – Allows you to teleport over short distances
  • Dark Vision – Allows you to see enemy movement through walls
  • Devouring Swarm – Summons rats that attack your enemies (rats tie into the plot)
  • Healing – Heal your injuries (recover health)
  • Possession – Control other characters in the game
  • Time bend – Stops time momentarily to allow you to escape, attach, etc.
  • Windblast – Conjures a gust of wind that hurt enemies and repels projectiles
  • Feather – Allows you to fall great distances without being hurt
  • Agility – Increased speed and jumping ability
  • Shadow Kill – Enemies turn to dust when you kill them

Dishonored’s Power Wheel

Supernatural abilities are designated to Corvo’s left hand along along with ranged weapons like the pistol and the crossbow, while his right hand is used for melee weapons (most commonly his short sword/dagger).  This combat system, when implemented, bears a striking resemblance to Bioshock.  The only difference is that you have a much broader range of movement and a host of powers that add a new element to the gameplay.  Regardless of your own personal combat style, Dishonored is sure to have something for everyone.  

-Ocarina of Time Nerd 

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2 Responses to Games To Look Out For: Dishonored

  1. I have been looking forward to playing this game for what feels like ages, and so far the gameplay is really different and enjoyable. What I like is that each mission has a definite objective, but there are soooo many ways to go about it, sort of like you mentioned! Almost like a combo of sandbox-style gameplay freedom but with a more straightforward linear story… though I’m finding that taking the stealthy approach requires a lot of patience and determination compared to running in with sword drawn!

    • Ohhhh my gosh I can’t wait to play it! So jealous that you’ve already started in on the adventure haha. Yeah it seems like they did a pretty good job creating a balance between a linear story and the gameplay itself. I honestly don’t know how I never heard about this game until recently…guess I’ve just been too busy!

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